Detection and treatment of subclinical tuberculosis.

TitleDetection and treatment of subclinical tuberculosis.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsRobertson BD, Altmann D, Barry C, Bishai B, Cole S, Dick T, Duncan K, Dye C, Ehrt S, Esmail H, Flynn JA, Hafner R, Handley G, Hanekom W, van Helden P, Kaplan G, Kaufmann SHE, Kim P, Lienhardt C, Mizrahi V, Rubin E, Schnappinger D, Sherman D, Thole J, Vandal O, Walzl G, Warner D, Wilkinson R, Young D
JournalTuberculosis (Edinb)
Date Published2012 Nov
KeywordsAntitubercular Agents, Bacterial Load, Biomarkers, Drug Design, Female, Humans, Immunization Programs, Latent Tuberculosis, Male, Models, Animal, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, South Africa, Tuberculosis, Tuberculosis Vaccines

Reduction of active disease by preventive therapy has the potential to make an important contribution towards the goal of tuberculosis (TB) elimination. This report summarises discussions amongst a Working Group convened to consider areas of research that will be important in optimising the design and delivery of preventative therapies. The Working Group met in Cape Town on 26th February 2012, following presentation of results from the GC11 Grand Challenges in Global Health project to discover drugs for latent TB.

Alternate JournalTuberculosis (Edinb)
PubMed ID22819716
Grant ListMC_U117588499 / / Medical Research Council / United Kingdom
MR/J006874/1 / / Medical Research Council / United Kingdom
077381 / / Wellcome Trust / United Kingdom

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