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Closing the feedback loop: how cells "count" telomere-bound proteins.

TitleClosing the feedback loop: how cells "count" telomere-bound proteins.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsLue NF
JournalMol Cell
Date Published2009 Feb 27
KeywordsDNA, Fungal, Fungal Proteins, Models, Biological, Telomerase, Telomere, Telomere-Binding Proteins

Telomere length homeostasis is thought to occur via a "protein-counting" mechanism whereby high numbers of telomere-bound proteins inhibit telomerase activity. In a recent issue of Molecular Cell, Hirano et al. (2009) delineate the molecular interactions that underlie the budding yeast protein-counting machinery.

Alternate JournalMol Cell
PubMed ID19250901

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